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Top 5 Cricket Betting Platforms Where You Can Place Bet

Plethoras of Cricket betting platforms are available on the Internet that is featuring enticing odds on the best tournaments like BBL, Ashes, and World Cup and IPL. Choosing the right cricket betting site can be a challenging task for those who are new to the world of online betting. Opt for a reputed online bookmaker that will offer the money on time.  Create a particular checklist of the high-end cricket betting sites and opt for the best one where you can share important information without thinking too much.

Cricket betting sites like 10CRIC have operated since 2013 and become a leading brand in the betting industry. This bookmaker has become quite popular in the betting industry. It is covering the biggest cricket events and featuring lots of cricket betting markets. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss the 5 best cricket Betting platforms where you will able to place the bet.


Betway- cricket betting platforms
  1. Betway is the most trustworthy & certified online betting platform. Professional bettors are using such a platform. It is featuring a variety of betting markets. A person has quickly bets on several matches and popular cricket tournaments. It comes with a genuine interface, lots of deposit options, and great betting odds.
  2. They are offering higher betting odds, best customer support. If you have any doubts about Betway, then you can solve the issues quickly.
  3. A person can also access the live streaming option, which is available for the selected matches. It will enable you to place a bet on your favourite cricket matches. To place a bet on your favourite cricket match, then a person should download a cricket betting app that will be helpful for you –


Bet365 - cricket betting platforms

Bet365 has become the best betting platform you will surely come across on the internet for online betting on cricket. It will enable a person to place a bet on Prematch.  While placing the bet on a favourite cricket match, the user will able to watch the match in a high-definition mode without paying the extra charges.

It is only bookmakers that are accepting the INR currency. If you are one who is an Indian bettor, then you will able to add the money without any hassle. This platform has an established reputation. They are featuring lots of deposit options & genuine support of customer care.


1xbet - cricket betting platforms

There are different kinds of platforms that are out there for online cricket betting, and 1xbet is one of them. This platform is quickly building a reputation for offering a great betting experience all around the world. They are offering the website in almost 40 languages. It has become the most popular platform due to its uncluttered and smooth user interface.

They are also offering mobile and desktop application. This betting platform is completely different from other betting sites. It will enable consumers to withdraw the money according to the requirements.

They are also accepting deposits through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such a platform is accepting the pre-paid cards and e-wallets. You will have to download the cricket betting app to place a bet on bigger cricket tournaments and matches.


Dafabet - cricket betting platforms

Created in 2004, Dafabet is the most trustworthy and certified cricket betting platform, which is featuring a variety of bet types, quick battings, in-play betting, and others. It is the only platform that is offering lots of promotions and bonuses to new and existing customers. They are accepting all the major currencies.

It is a fully licensed platform that is regulated in the Philippines. They are offering the website in a variety of languages that are making it convenient for international consumers to place a bet on their favourite matches. They are offering a specific application that is compatible with mobile phones and PCs.


10Cric - cricket betting platforms

When it comes to the clean and crisp platform, then 10CRIC is the first name that comes to our mind. They have dedicated sections for lots of cricketing events like IPL and others. They are offering a website for Indians. The majority of the cricket bettors are using such an incredible platform because they are offering lots of tournaments where you will able to place the bet.

Additionally, these are some incredible platforms where you will able to place a bet on your favourite cricket matches and tournaments. All you need to visit the official website of every company and read the terms and conditions carefully. Opt for the right platform that can offer the bonus to you.  

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