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Dafabet Cricket Betting

As an online gaming zone, Dafabet is one of the Asian leading websites and offers various online games where the player can participate in. From casino to cricket the online games this website offers the players across various bets that the players can win or lose. This online game zone is famous across the Asia Pacific region and also has been fully licensed and operates on various rules and regulations. The privacy policy of the gamblers and players are strictly kept confidential and not shared with anyone. Among the major games, Cricket is one of the interesting outdoor sports events that everyone looks out for. 

Dafabet account

dafabet registration for cricket betting

Betting on this game is one of the major events in the Dafabet. In order to play this gambling game, the player must create an account on this website and login post which he can play. The player can bet for the live matches that are taking place. They can bet from the batsman side or the baller side and win/lose the amount they have bid for. The amount will be credited or debited from their account post the bid.

The various events in cricket include; the ICC matches, test series, T20, and the IPL series. The IPL has become famous for the last 5 years and most bidders bid for these matches since it is a mix of players from various countries or teams. As the strength of both the opposition team increases the bidding amount also increases. This leads to an increase in the chances for the player to win if and only if the player wins the bids they have opted for.

VIP access and bonuses

Dafabet cricket bonuses

The player can log in to the Dafabet website using their account details and bid for the odds against the various live series that are taking place. The series will be across various matches between two teams. On this website, there is also VIP membership available for the players or bidders. The membership for the player can be of different types; VIP Bronze, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, and VIP Platinum. Based on their respective membership the player has higher chances of getting their cash back even if they lose in their bidding. 

The maximum cashback for the bidder across these sets of VIP groups is 10% or the maximum amount they can get back is INR 15,000. This again varies for the bidder to bidder based on the amount they have bid for. For every bet there must be a probability of 1.5 for the event to happen that can be qualified for the bonus. Every Monday the bonus amount that the player wins will be issued to their respective account. This will take place during the promotion period on Monday.

This is a two in one fun for the bidder, they can see the online match and at the same time place a bid for the match. It is not only enthralling but also a nail-biting experience for the bidder during the match as they have other bidders also.

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