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Leovegas Cricket Betting

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a popular Twenty-twenty league that happens between the months of March and May for 7 weeks. It has become a favourite cricket sport all over the world. Leovegas is among the biggest cricket betting sites for IPL and is providing you with some helpful tips to get you good profits throughout these innings. This is the guide to read to get a head start. 

Setting a Betting budget

Cricket betting Leovegas website

Even before beginning, it’s important to fix on a budget and put some money aside for the bettings. Online bettings need you to deposit these funds before the bettings start so it is a wise option to plan this budget and limit it upfront. This can give you a safe and responsible edge.

IPL Betting odds

Gather all the information about the matches in IPL. These analysis tables and graphs will give you the best possibility of placing a bet and winning it. Please remember, if you lose the best you will also lose the stake of the placed bet and it does not take the selected odds into consideration.

Know the IPL teams

Research a lot on the batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers, captains and the team teams formed. There is very less chance of winning a bet purely through guesses. The research should include parameters like previous tournament scores, the pitches they play well in, the team members that partnership well. 

Don’t know where to start? You can start with researching online where proper highlight tables, graphs etc are available. You will quickly be able to recognize the patterns and find your team that you will feel worthy to bet on.

IPL Winners

Cricket betting Leovegas winners

We can look at the past performances before placing the bets. The winner for the past five years has been in this form 3 times Mumbai Indians, 1 time Chennai super Kings, 1-time Sunrisers Hyderabad. As can be seen, there is a pattern between these teams. All of these teams, if they won or not, have come till finals or semi-finals. They are the stronger ones in the IPL. Keeping a good eye on these teams can help in winning many of the best. You can judge these teams by looking at their performance, but always remember the highest number of winners all the time.

Skilled Players

Knowing the players who always score big and always stand out of the crowd will always have an added advantage. Some of the players include – Josh Butler from Rajasthan Royals, Sam Curran from Kings XI Punjab, Prabhsimran Singh from Mumbai Indians, Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sherfane Rutherford from Delhi Capitals.  Also never underestimate an inexperienced player! 

Live Betting

Leovegas always provides you with live betting that you can take advantage of. This can let you place a bet after the game begins so that you have enough time to choose between what team to bet on. You can even cash out early before the odds flip out in your favour. Be quick and swift in making decisions to make a profit. 

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