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We all know of the Indian Premier League (IPL). But we all have no idea of the back story that takes place in this world’s favourite Premier League. Well, Betway explains it all and also provides some tips along the way!

Here is some information on how the IPL works. Let us start with how the teams are selected. Usually, the franchisee acquires players by hosting an annual auction. They trade players in specific trade windows and also the singing players who are not picked up during the auction. There are a maximum number of signings that occur at the auction. 

Cricket team selection

Cricket game and bets

The players are allowed to set the base price for themselves and then they join the auction franchise and the team owner that bids the highest for the player wins and the player plays for that team. It is always recommended by Betway to bid on these players most of the time as they might always be recurring or have the potential to steady their scores in every match giving a decent competition. 

All the squads must consist of at least 19 to 25 players and they can have a maximum of 8 overseas players. If a team is playing eleven then they must not include more than 4 overseas players according to the rules. Always track and analyze the progress of these overseas players as they are less in number and easy to bet on.

Cricket match result

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The eight teams playing in the franchise get to play each other on their homeland and away and every time they win they earn two points on the leaderboard. Always keep a record of the homeland matches of every team and how well they are playing as there are higher chances of homeland match wins than away matches. 

If it’s a tie then they get one point and if it’s a defeat they are awarded 0 points. After going around this round-robin process twice the four teams that are at the bottom of the leader board are eliminated and the four teams that are on the top of the leader board compete against each other for playoffs. This is where a lot of things get complicated. The teams that stand as the top 2 will play against each other in the playoff called Qualifier 1. 

The team that wins is directly promoted to the finals. The team that loses will not be eliminated though. The teams that stand in the third and fourth positions play against each other and the team that loses in this playoff is eliminated.

The winner again plays with the team that loses in Qualifier 1 in a playoff known as Qualifier 2. The winner of this Qualifier 2 gets to play in the finals with the winner of Qualifier 1. The finals are played and the team that wins is declared the winner. Judging the performance of these teams on the chosen field for the finals will help in the betting.

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